There is no other place on earth like French Polynesia to explore, spread across four millions square kilometers, with 118 islands this unspoilt paradise bursts with natural wonders you can only dream of

This tropical paradise has been sculpted over thousands of years by volcanic eruptions that create a constantly changing landscape both above and below the water. Its high rugged mountain peaks cut by stunning waterfalls are contrasted by deep blue lagoons and crystal white palm fringed shorelines.


French Polynesia is blessed with hundreds of different marine species, which in turn creates one of the most diverse and unique diving experiences on the planet. It is famed for the sheer quantity of shark encounters from hammerhead to tiger, grey reef and silvertip. Not only sharks await you, you will also find giant manta rays, large tuna, barracudas, Napoleon wrasse and butterfly fish along with huge schools of jack fish.

French Polynesia has something for everyone wishing to dive from exhilarating drift dives where you can cruise alongside turtles and dolphins to calm lagoons ideal for novice to practice their skills


  • Humpback whales nurse their young between July and November

  • Hammerhead sharks from December to March

  • Tiger sharks visit regularly

  • Marbled grouper spawning season June-July

  • Resident school of 100+ Grey Reef sharks all year around

  • Reef fish spawning season from September to December

  • Manta rays could be encountered all year around

  • Lemon sharks all year around

With an average temperature of 27°C (80°F) both above and below the water French Polynesia is the perfect location for diving all year round.
The High season is July to October but a special treat awaits anyone visiting later in the year