With over 28 years living and diving the waters surrounding French Polynesia, Tahiti Dive Management have the knowledge and experience to provide you the best Dive Guides Tahiti has to offer.Whether you are looking to seek out the hidden secrets of polynesia’s dive sites or perhaps searching for piece of mind for your busy charter, look no further than TDM .

Our team of highly professional guides have an unparalleled level of experience in the South Pacific and possess an intricate knowledge of the geographical, cultural and marine attractions that Tahiti and French Polynesia has to offer. Our services cover all certifications for scuba diving, for every level of experience and interest.

Our experts and services also extend to other thrilling activities such as freediving, big game fishing or volcanic trekking. If there is something you would like to try while here let us know and can organise the right guide or instructors for you.

All activities, above and below water, can be caught on 4K video by our videographers for you to cherish long after you return from the beautiful unspoilt paradise that is French Polynesia.